Group Exercise

Our fitness centre has a diverse range of classes that will ensure you get the exercise you need, and make some great friends while you are doing it. All classes are FREE (except Boot Camp, see below for details) for members of our fitness centre. If you are a casual adult visitor it will cost you $15.00 per class and if you are a student 16 years or over or are over 60 it will cost you $12.00 per class.

Class Timetable

View our currently weekly schedule.


Follow the instructor on a simulated ride incorporating seated riding, standing climbs, flats and sprints. A great cardio and fat burning workout!

Box Fit

A ‘boxing’ based class for non-boxers! A mixture of bag work, hand-weights, focus pads and hit shields will keep the mind and lungs guessing! Own gloves essential.


Working on the muscles around your pelvis, hips and abdomen, starting from the deep torso muscles to leave you with a slim waistline and firm strong abs.

Open Circuit

Open to all fitness levels, has different options to suit your needs. Incorporates many different exercise stations.

Flow Yoga

Physical and mental practices or disciplines that aim to transform body and mind to improve flexibility.

Butt, Abs and Thighs

Targets the butt, abdominal’s and thigh area. Suitable for everyone and has low impact options.

Mums & Bubs Class

Child friendly cardio class. Don’t have a bub? No worries you can still come.


Aerobic step class for beginners to the die-hard fans! Great way to work up a sweat.
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